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Shaulina Productions 

Shaulina Productions is a boutique video production company based in Los Angeles, California.  Our production company offers a unique video productions. 
  1. Here at Shaulina Productions we give our clients the best product at any budget size.  We use the name "Shaulina" because it represents deep focus and perfection.  
  2. In this highly competitive market, every business must have video clips on their site, and short videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. 
  3. These videos should be high quality and interesting to your potential client. 
  4. The video should explain why your business is better than your competitors.

Shaulina Productions produces TV Commercial, Internet Commercial, Event Filming, Documentary Productions, Music Video Clip, Business Video Productions, Video Productions and Sales, Video Productions and Services, Video/Film Productions, Corporate videography, Real Estate Virtual Tour and much more...

We are a boutique video production company and have the ability to work with micro budgets and make 100% custom videos.

Video Editing Services