About us

Shaulina Productions is a boutique video production company based in Los Angeles, California.  Our production company offers a unique video production that is unparalleled in the industry.   

Shaulina Productions offers a Video production 101 instruction to our clients as to how we work and why we do the things we do so our clients can grow and learn from the process.  Many companies use the movie maker program that is very limited, but at the same time if used properly can be used to create a very professional looking movie, we use the same editing equipment that was used in the making of James Cameron’s movie “Avatar” among many others.  The program is called Adobe Premiere Pro, it is the most comprehensive and professional program on the market. 

Many people think they can make a video on their own, we encourage them to try it, but for your business and memorable events you don’t want to risk of not having the video come out the best it can be.  Many video production companies out there would like to have you believe that the less you pay the worse the video.  We have a different belief, we want you to spend as little as possible and have the highest results custom to your liking.  Our cameramen, videogrphers or directors of photography are highly trained and are among the best in the industry.  Our film production crew (when necessary) is also hand picked to bring the highest quality of professionalism and efficiency to our sets video products

Film production has never been more necessary than today.  Companies are starting to realize that having a video makes the lives of customers, employees, sales reps, and every level of your company’s life easier.  Instructional videos for new employees, customers and sales reps are so effective and efficient they will save your staff time and money on training.   The training videos can be used to teach consumer how to used your product or website without the heavy costs of a massive customer service department. 

Promotional videos are great for your on line, TV and email marketing campaigns.  They allow you to really think long and hard about how to appeal to your target audience.  Shaulina Productions works with your targeting goals and creates brilliant advertisements and promotional videos.  Shaulina’s commercial production department has everything your company would ever need to produce HD quality high-end professional film productions.  Many companies these days are putting corporate videos online to create awareness and market their company, which in turn increases your bottom line and most of all your ROI.

Lets discuss your Return On Investment (ROI) for a moment.  We understand businesses, and their needs.  If something is not good for their bottom line then what is it good for?  
Have you ever paid for advertising and it got thrown in the trash, or recycled the next day, or it just simply went away??  
We know what that’s like…   Don’t let that ever happen to you again. 

We at Shaulina are here to make your company live forever! 

What does that mean…

The videos we make not only increase your organic search ability, it will also be available to the entire world forever.  

Doesn’t that make sense?  

 People today are blind to what is around them, they are being blasted from every angle, every day, every minute.  People want to find what they are looking for, and we help them find you.  If you don’t have a video in the “cloud” we call the internet you might as well not exist.
As a Local Video Production Company in Los Angeles recently many of our customers have been requesting Direct Response Television ( DRTV).  What is a Direct Response Television ( DRTV) you might be asking yourself?  Well the term more commonly familiar to most people is infomercial.  This type of advertisement makes the viewers call, text or visit a web site as soon as they see the ad.  The Direct Response Television Ads (DRTV’s) come in 2 forms “long form” and “short form”,   a short form is 2 minutes or less, and long form DRTV’s are up to 28minutes and 30sec.  Long form is generally used for products that are higher in price and need more time to really get the customer to feel the effects of the product.  TV channels have special spots for these DRTV ads.