Legal Video Deposition Services

Legal Video Deposition Services


 Video Depositions

Best Priced Lawyers Videography Services in greater Los Angeles area.

Legal Video Deposition Services

Video file formats

Our legal video services staff can produce video formats to meet your needs including:
  • VHS
  • DVD
  • Synched Video-Text
  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4 (MP4)
  • WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • AVI (Audio Video Interleave)

SHAULINA PRODUCTIONS provides the most advanced video technology services offered in the industry today. This technology will give us the opportunity to offer our clients better avenues of case coordinating and presentation.  We include various services to assist in your case preparation:  Deposition video services, digital editing, video duplication and video/text synchronization.

Deposition Videography has been found to drastically help win your case.  Lawyers who use our Video Depositions have been able to show body language, gesturing, clearness of speech, council assisted answering, and the amount of time it take to respond to the most pertinent questions which could infer culpability. 

In the book "Blink"By: Malcolm Gladwell,  psychologist make claims that by watching a persons face you can tell whether they are lying or not.  The saying a picture is worth a thousand words comes in very handy during these trying times.  Imagine you don't just have one picture imagine you have 24 pictures EVERY SECOND.

Video Taping a Deposition can give the jury access to your opponents face they would never normally see. 

We here at Shaulina Productions aim to give you prompt professional service that will help you win your case and keep your winning record where it should be.  Our Prices wont be beat have a look...
Only $250/hr for the first 2 hours and $50/hr thereafter

Depositions occurring on Sundays or Holidays are charged time and a half

Editing Services are available at the lawyers request.  Editing could include menus or chapters for easier search-ability $75/hr

Photographs of a specific frames in the recorded videotaped deposition can be provided upon request. 

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