TV and Internet Commercials

Shaulina Production
  has professional teams that produce top of the line Movies, Documentaries, Commercials, Video Clips, Infomercials, Weddings, and all events. We have Copywriters, Directors, Photographers, Editors, Makeup Artists, Stylists, and Set Designers ready to produce your next project. 

Every project is unique to its own and we look forward to being dynamic and ever evolving with the newest technology and trends of the time. Shaulina Productions works with our clients and their budgets to make the best possible scenario which with our expertise always comes out top of the line!
Your business needs exposur
Shaulina  Productions offers full production services to companies, corporations and advertisers
The process includes
Concept and script development
Design and visual language
Video Production
Sound and Advanced Editing
Our production suite includes:
Viral commercials
Product videos
Informational videos
Promotional video
Building campaigns on Google and Facebook
Email campaigns and newsletter distribution

Shaulina Productions Commercial Department
The teams include:
·         Copywriters
·         Cameraman
·         Lighting Specialist
·         Animation
·         Make Up
·         Editors and More
Shaulina Productions has the ability to expose your business thru commercials online and TV to vast numbers of potential clients.
·         Affordable Prices
If you have a dream to put a commercial on your web site or on TV, Shaulina Productions can bring your dreams come true.   
The online viral video has become the smart budget advertising campaign of the future.
As a Local Video Production Company in Los Angeles recently many of our customers have been requesting Direct Response Television ( DRTV).  What is a Direct Response Television ( DRTV) you might be asking yourself?  Well the term more commonly familiar to most people is infomercial.  This type of advertisement makes the viewers call, text or visit a web site as soon as they see the ad.  The Direct Response Television Ads (DRTV’s) come in 2 forms “long form” and “short form”,   a short form is 2 minutes or less, and long form DRTV’s are up to 28minutes and 30sec.  Long form is generally used for products that are higher in price and need more time to really get the customer to feel the effects of the product.  TV channels have special spots for these DRTV ads. 

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